glass systems | EXPERTS IN BALUSTRADes fencing and showers

Glass Systems import and manufacture from our local engineering department a range of glass hardware and fittings to ensure a stylish top quality finish to your products.

glass systems fittings range

fitting one

Balustrade channel with fixing cover flashing

glass systems fitting range

fitting three

Our range of handles brings the finishing touch to your project where your personal style is visibly present

glass fittings back range

fitting five

Spider Technology

glass systems fittings range

fitting two

Stylish alternative to a channel system

glass systems fittings range

fitting four

Spider fittings

Handles Manufactured In Brass Or Stainless Steel

Channels are extruded in NZ of the highest quality aluminium. Two styles are available with standard or extended leg depending on your needs. A special feature of balustrades is the option of cover flashing to conceal any fixings.

Balustrade stands off are 50mm disc fittings made locally in our engineering department from 316 marine grade stainless steel. With local production available, small batches of different stock size can be manufactured to your needs quickly.

We are importers of the VVP range of patch fittings which provide an easy to install, durable and economical fitting to your frameless doors. NZ's only stockist of Casma Patch fittings (originally used by Smith+Smith Glass)